Sound Connection Differences

Trend setting ideas (our of the box thinking, and not boring same-old, same-old)

Custom Audio Production. Have the bride and groom "Surprise greet each other" recorded over your first dance, and a custom medley of songs for your first dance.

Love Story. Most of your guests at your wedding reception probably don't know your love story, (how you met, who said I love you first, and about the proposal.) You fill out the questionnaire, and we will read it to your guests before we introduce you into your reception.

Timeline. During the planning process, we will give you questionnaires to fill out. One month prior to your wedding on your "finals" meeting with us, we will construct a timeline for your reception. We will also send a copy to your catering hall, photographer, and videographer, so that your reception will run flawlessly. During your reception, the Master of Ceremonies will keep the flow of the wedding organized, structured and coordinate when everything will occur, so that you can actually enjoy your party!

Sound Tracking. We use various sound clips for each member of your bridal party for their introduction, after you fill out a questionnaire about them. We will introduce them with a brief 2 to 3 line story about them and then follow up with a sound clip.

Non-Conventional Entrance. Have members of your bridal party introduced from their seats, and not the standard way from the doorway.

Flash Mob Entrance. Have all of your bridal members come in at once and then introduce them while they are in the center of the room.

Bride and Groom Entrance Before the Bridal Party. This way you can see your their fun intro's and the crowd reaction)